How to spend less than $23 on your next Summer outfit.

For the entire month of July, I have been booked solid with something to do every weekend whether it was a birthday party, bachelorette, shower, etc. I needed an outfit for each of these events but that can get pretty pricey! I kept seeing the company Zaful everywhere so I decided to give it a try. I want to start with their bathing suits because as many of you know, a bathing suit top alone can cost $60+. I felt like all of their suits looked like something I had seen on Pinterest but nothing was over $16. I ended up getting a lot more suits then I did outfits. However, their outfits were great too! I got a dress and a romper both for under $23. I also thought that it would take a month to get to me and it was only a week! I got everything in a small and it was all true to size. The only article that I didn’t think was the best quality was the romper because it felt like costume material but it fit great, was comfortable, and looked good in pictures 😉

Bathing Suits:


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