Labor Day Weekend in Montreal

Growing up I spent most of my weekends down the Jersey shore, but as I’ve gotten older I’d rather go explore new places. So when our friends asked us to join them on a trip to Montreal for Labor Day weekend it wasn’t even a question. To be honest, I wouldn’t have thought Canada was the place to be the last weekend of Summer so I’m writing this blog to tell you why it is.

Round trips to Montreal from Philly were pretty pricey. Our friends were driving there so we decided to join them for the ride and take a flight home. The ride was about seven hours so we drove most of the day Friday and because we were chatting it up with our friends time went by pretty fast.

We arrived late afternoon and checked in to our house in the historic district of Old Montreal. Old Montreal looks like a town in Europe and mostly everyone speaks French, so I definitely felt like I was back in Euro!

The whole house had floor to ceiling windows that opened up to let in some fresh air. We were actually upgraded to this place last minute so it was totally underutilized by four people. Would highly suggest this place if you’re going with a larger group because it sleeps 8. Appartements Historiques du Vieux Port

We then checked out the Notre- Dame Basilica, a beautiful cathedral right in Old Montreal. It’s only three Canadian dollars to get it but depending on the time of day there will be a little bit of a line.

One of the awesome parts about Montreal is they have an amazing food scene and our friend Lex is in the restaurant business so he made sure to set us up with the best reservations for dinner. The first night we went to Impasto, a gourmet rustic Italian restaurant.

We got a bunch of plates to share and it was 👌🏽

We ended the night at Bord’elle bar and lounge in Old Montreal.

Saturday was ours to explore!

We started off the day at a restaurant called Eggspectations where almost everything had an egg on it. I don’t know about you guys but I love Eggs Benedict and there was a whole page on the menu just for different kinds of Eggs Benny.

The Crab Cake Benny

We then went to Saint Laurent blvd where there’s tons of great shopping. I found a handful of boutiques that I loved but by far La Petite Garconne was my favorite. The entire store was completely neutral and had a style straight out of Paris. Montreal was definitely ahead of the trends!

Saturday night we had some big plans to go to the one and only Joe Beef. This restaurant is known as one of the best restaurants in Canada! If you plan on going to Montreal book your reservation a few months out. Luckily because of our friend working in the industry we were able to get a reservation with short notice.

We were seated outside in the garden where they pick all of their vegetables for their meals.

Honestly this was one of the best dining experiences of my life. We had multiple courses and the waitress did an amazing job pairing different wine with our food. I’m not going to blast this post with a million pictures of all of our courses (you can go to my Montreal highlight on my IG page for that lol) but here were some of our favorites.

The dinner ended up being five hours long so needless to say we left hammered and extremely full!

Sunday was our last day 😭 we woke up and went to a cafe around the corner called Tommy

They had amazing breakfast sandwiches on croissants and the aesthetic was on point.

We stopped by the Gay Village to do some more shopping and check out the art.

Now it was time for our last hoorah! We bought tickets to see Axwell & Ingrosso at “Beachclub,” the largest beach club in North America. The club was about 30 minutes outside of Montreal in Point Calumet. There’s a shuttle that picks people up in the major surrounding cities but we drove.

We bought VIP tickets so we had access to the private bars which I would highly suggest because it gets crazy packed in there and VIP tickets were only 40 Canadian dollars.

I don’t know about you guys but any beach club I’ve ever been too you wear your best bathing suit and maybe even heels. This is NOT that kind of place. Its a music venue with a lot of man-made sand, so wear the cute bathing suit with some jean shorts and sandals.

You can only imagine how messy it got with all the rain on Labor Day, but it honestly made it that much more fun!!! We just danced and drank these huge drinks they serve in large pitchers all day.

And that was it! We hit a couple bars around our house that night, kept it pretty chill, and Ant and I were on a flight home the next morning. It was the perfect long weekend, and I would highly suggest it to anyone. However, if you’re going to go, I would try to do it before October or next Summer because their winters are brutal!

Comment below and let me know if you have been to Montreal before and what your favorite spots are!


  • Tracy

    I have been wanting to do a long weekend in Montreal and enjoyed your restaurant reviews and info. On the areas you visited so much! Traveling there, where you stayed and the shopping were great tips too. Looks like a grest time was had by all, thanks for sharing!

  • Tracy

    I have been wanting to visit Montreal for a while and your blog confirms it needs to be checked off the list soon! Loved the photos and information on travel time, where you stayed, the food and of course…the shopping:) looks like fun was had by all…Thanks for sharing!

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