Three Products That Will Say Bye Bye To Your Under Eye

Many people struggle with under eye circles including myself. As long as I can remember I have had dark circles under my eyes. My moms side of the family all have them so I guess it’s a genetic thing. Throughout the years I have tried almost every under eye concealer that you can think of and it hasn’t been until recently that I found a couple of products that really work! For those of you that don’t struggle with this issue, I’m jealous! For those of you that do, go buy these products now!

First and foremost you can’t do this without a beauty blender. You can grab one from your local Target or Ulta for five bucks.

Before applying anything make sure to dampen the sponge to get a streak free blend.

Bye Bye Under Eye by It Cosmetics. This stuff is magic! Seriously life changing. A little bit goes a long way so don’t use too much or you will look cakey. Just continue to blend with your beauty blender until it looks even. I wear the light/medium shade.

If you ever hear people talk about “baking” this is it. Laura Mercier is the holy grail of translucent setting powder. I put this on after my under eye and bronzer also with a damp beauty blender. Let it sit (aka bake) while you finish the rest of your face and brush it off with a blush brush.

Lastly, this is Boing by Benefit formerly known as fake up. I don’t always put on a full face of makeup during the work week especially if I’m working from home. This is the perfect thing if you’re just running out of the house really quick. It’s hydrating so it goes on easy, doesn’t settle in the lines, and still provides good coverage.

These are my three go to’s that have helped me tremendously so I hope they help you too.

I am always looking for other ways to improve my dark circles so comment below and let me know what you use!



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