Why You Need to Start Using Throw Pillow Covers

When I realized throw pillow covers were a thing it was a serious life hack! I had just moved into my first apartment after college and I was excited to start decorating my place. I went out to get some throw pillows to match my rug, I’m throwing one after another in my cart only to realize four pillows already put me at $100! What if I got sick of these pillows and wanted a change? Would I have to spend another $100? I ended up purchasing them thinking this was how it had to be. Months had gone by and I was in fact over these $100 pillows.

Luckily I was walking through the home decor section in Primark and saw a rack of throw pillow COVERS. They were literally pillowcases for a throw pillow! I went onto Amazon to find that there are millions of pillow covers for you to choose from, any season, holiday, etc. On average you can get a pack of four covers on Amazon for $15.

I change my throw pillows frequently and guess what? I use the same $100 dollar pillows that I bought for my first apartment till this day. I guess you can say I really got my money’s worth 😉

My very first throw pillow

Slip it into the cover and zip it up

Our living room! Every pillow on this couch is an old pillow in a cover.

Blue Pillow Covers

Gold Pillow Covers

If you don’t have pillows to put in the covers you can buy pillow inserts to fill them and you can get a pack of four on Amazon for $25. These are the pillows in my guest room and they are all filled with stuffer pillow inserts.

Pillow Inserts

Guest Room Pillows

There you have it! Stop spending the $30+ on individual throw pillows, buy the pillow cover and reuse the same pillows as long as you can. You will be able to change up the look of your home more frequently without breaking the bank.

Comment below and tell me about your home decor hacks!




  • Dianna orourke

    love this idea !! I made a few when I was learning to sew. But nowadays it costs more in material and time . Plus I love the variety ! I’m literally looking to cover the living room pillows .. help ! Maybe you can help me choose something fall like . I’m over my palm tree pillows