Why You Should Think About Getting Lash Extensions

I’ve never had really long curly lashes and have always been envious of the ones that do. I don’t wear a lot of eye-makeup and especially during the work week, I don’t always want to put on mascara because getting it off later is a pain. If you feel the same way then you should definitely think about lash extensions.

Nichole Mansi at Prive Salon and Style Bar is a pro and I would highly suggest going to her. She was so friendly and made me feel comfortable the whole time. She gave thorough instructions on how to take care of them and gave a detailed explanation of the process and how she puts them on!

Check out the before and after:



I am so happy with the results and love how natural they look. The best part is, they last for about about 4-6 weeks! The process takes a little over an hour so dress comfy and bring some headphones to chill out and relax!

If you mention my name- Megan Armstrong/ The Honest Blonde, Privé will give you 20% off the service.

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    • megarmst

      Yes, you have to! Depending on the lashes you end up going with- the first time is anywhere between $150-$300, but after that, the refills only cost $50-$80. I would highly recommend!