Wild Fable Finds @ Target

As many of you know I have a Target obsession, possibly even a Target problem lol. For anyone unsure of why Target is such an obsession for so many, it’s because it’s a one-stop shop. Groceries, home decor, clothes, electronics, etc. I could go on about this forever but what I’m most excited to write about is their new line of women’s clothes, Wild Fable.

Wild Fable brings an edgier style to Target’s clothing section and I love it. 90’s fashion is making a come back and that’s what Wild Fable is giving us. A lot of corduroy and flannel that makes me feel like I’m in Cher’s closet in Clueless.

My last few posts on Instagram have all been Wild Fable Finds, so I figured I would share with you everything that I have gotten with some direct links to buy it yourself!

Striped Jumpsuit

Love love love this piece. I wore a short sleeve bodysuit underneath. The best part about this is you can wear different tops with it to get a different look and the ability to maximize how many wears you get out of it.

Simple Silky Tanks


This tank reminds me of something I had in early high school. Totally hitting myself for getting rid of them now! I think it’s cool that this look is coming back. The lace and silk dress up a simple outfit.


Love this one! Buttons all the way down the front. The straps are obviously thin on these so wearing a regular bra really isn’t an option. Luckily I have an awesome lacy bralette from dynamite that went under this perfectly.

Studded Denim Skirt 

I’ll be honest with you. I was not a fan of the denim skirt coming back, BUT I really do like this one. I wore this with a top I found on Amazon and a pair of white Vans.

Ruched Long Sleeve

This long sleeve is super light and ruches in the center with tie up strings. I think it’s actually perfect for a transitional summer to fall look.

Comment below and let me know if you have had good luck with Wild Fable as well!

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