4 Easy Casual Work Outfits for Summer/Fall

I know were creeping towards the end of Summer but I am not over it just yet! With that being said I know many are gearing up for the fall months so I am going to show you a few of my go-to work outfits as we transition from Summer to Fall.

It seems as if the workplace dress code has changed over the past few years, many more companies are “business casual” versus “business professional.”I’ve seen smaller and larger scale organizations allow their employees to wear jeans every day, not just Friday! My last company actually used the term, “snappy casual” to explain the dress code, lol. Snappy Casual is essentially jeans that aren’t distressed, a nice top that doesn’t expose skin, and shoes that aren’t athletic sneakers. It seems as if many companies are leaning towards this dress code now. Even my current company which is known for being conservative allows a more casual attire. If your companies dress code is the same or maybe you even work remote I think these outfit options will give you some ideas of casual work wear for the next couple of months.

Joggers and Tucked Tee:

I got these textured joggers from H&M a few years back and the loose-fitting tee from a boutique in Florida, but this would work with any jogger tee pairing. Just add a big necklace, some heels and pull your hair back to dress up a casual look.

H&M Joggers <<  H&M always has an array of different joggers.

Knot Dress:

This was super easy! The dress is by A New Day from Target, they don’t have this particular one in stock but this is a similar one and the shoes are DV.

Blouse and Jeans:

I did a couple of different looks for this one. The white blouse is from Ann Taylor (honestly one of the first work shirts I ever bought) and the bell sleeve is fairly new from Primark. Primark does not feature a lot of their items online so I would suggest just going in person (there’s one at the King of Prussia Mall.) Everything is super cheap, I get almost all of my blouses for work there.

Side Note: Remember 5 years ago sheer blouses were really in to wear outside of work? I have tried to hold on to all of them even when I am doing a big clean out because I reuse them for work. Just something to keep in mind next time you’re going through your clothes.

Both of the mules are from Target. I don’t see the black ones but they have a variety of new styles in black and these pink ones come in black too.

Joggers and Blouse:

This is another play on the joggers but slightly more professional. The blouse is from Primark but like I said before any old sheer blouse that you may have can be used for this. The Workwear Joggers are from Dynamite and the heels are from Target.

I hope you found this helpful! Comment below and let me know what your go-to casual work outfit is.