Four Looks One Button Down

Do you have a favorite shirt that you want to wear all of the time without it looking the same? I know I do. I bought this awesome button down during the #nsale at Nordstrom and was trying to figure out ways to maximize the number of wears I get out of it. After some messing around, I came up with these four looks to change it up.

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Topshop Button Down

One Side Tucked:

Love this look because typically button ups are for more dressed up situations but having one side untucked gives it this edgy messy look. If I were to wear this to work I would probably tuck it all in, but for a normal day out on the town the one tuck is the way to go.

Tie Up:

This could be a fun look for a night out or even to the beach or pool club. I think it reveals enough but still remains modest because of the long sleeves and collar. This is actually a bathing suit bandeau that I wore under the shirt so you can understand the beach look that I’m talking about.

Off the Shoulder:

This was super easy, just unbutton the top few buttons and fold it down a couple of times until you can hide the collar and top buttons. If you like the look of your button down but want to get rid of the collar and go with something more dainty, I think this is perfect maybe even for dinner or brunch.


So I borderline look like I’m in a straight jacket here LOL but I do love the classic sleek look of this option. I literally just turned it around and buttoned up the top. You could button all the way down if you want to wear it to work or leave a couple open for an open back look on a day outside.

Getting creative with your clothes is fun but it’s also a money saver. I know finding new looks can be challenging so I hope this was helpful! Comment below and let me know different ways you get creative with your outfits!