Beach Inspired Bridal Party Proposals for Tulum Wedding

My fiancé and I are getting married in Tulum Mexico in early 2022. It was time to ask my bridal party to officially be in my wedding, but I wanted it to look a little different. If you have ever been or seen pictures of Tulum you know that the aesthetic is very earthy and boho, so I wanted to stick with that theme. I got these baskets from Target’s $5 section!

Inside each basket I included a Turkish beach towel from this Etsy shop:

They offer a discount when you buy the towels in bulk and they have an awesome variety of colors. I stuck with neutral to stay with the earthy boho theme.

Himalayan Salt shot glasses! I have been seeing these everywhere and I thought they were perfect to bring to Mexico for some Tequila 😉

Sun Bum of course. This is my favorite sunscreen and cooling lotion for before and after the beach.

I wanted to get something personalized for my bridal party but I wanted it to be something they could bring with them on the flight, so I went with luggage tags! I loved these because everyone’s luggage looks different so I didn’t want to go with a certain color and then have it not match their suitcase so I went with clear.

I also asked my half-sister to be my Flower Girl. Since she is only 7, I didn’t think the basket and its contents made sense, so I ordered her a tropical-colored mini Herschel with kids sunscreen and her own luggage tag. 

Last but not least were the actual proposal cards. I thought it added a nice personal touch. I made mine on Canva but if you’re not savvy with the platform I linked templates you can buy off Etsy for $3!

I took everyone out to a BYO Brunch where we ate some really good food and drank a lot of Mimosa’s. Everyone said yes and I am so excited to be in Mexico with all of my favorite people! Drop a comment below and tell me how you asked your bridal party?

XO Meg

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